Call for Industry Partnerships

Industry projects - Call for Partnership

We are offering attractive opportunities for partners in industry to team up and co-supervise
doctoral students in joint projects together with an academic MUDS counterpart.


Opportunities for industry partners

MUDS industry partners can propose projects, which, if selected, imply that in addition to the
scientific co-supervision, the student’s compensation and course fees will be covered by the
industry partner, while the academic supervision will be taken over by a MUDS Core PI.

Propose a project

To propose a project, please get in touch with the MUDS office to discuss
technical modalities and a recommendation for a scientific match as well as an invitation to
participate in the “meet MUDS” workshop on December 4, 2019, to initiate scientific contact.



Call for proposals

The deadline to submit a joint proposal to MUDS is January 10, 2020 . Proposals will be
reviewed by the MUDS steering committee. Abstracts will be published to invited applicants in
preparation of the interview days in January.

Call for applications

Meet MUDS workshop Dec 10, 2019
Online video interviews PhD candidates (optional) Jan 2020
Interview symposium PhD candidates (on-site) Feb 10-11, 2020
Decision End of Feb 2020
Latest start date Oct 2020


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